The BORNETE is a designer jewerly brand

BORNETE designer handles and designs all products and even make the jewelry by handmade

The products that are designed made naturally permeate your life

We dedicate this to you who pursue a quality personality that is different from others

Jewelry is something small things but it can be an important identity that expresses myself in everyday life,

and it also can contribute greatly to completing the styling that only you can do

BORNETE designer places great importance on the quality of jewelry that can be worn over time

Also the designer values Jewelry's unique material and small valuable details,

and completes a classy design through trendy design

We doesn't like boring things, and The brand try new things in every new collection every year.

Look closely at the stories in the new collections

We are not afraid of new attempts and flexibly responds to changes, but he does not lose his essence,

As time goes by, it will be our story to create my own valuable signature

You can join us anytime. Please don't hesitate

SINCE 2016